Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall? Is that you?

Whilst most of northern hemisphere experienced changing leaves into autumn and are now happily heading into winter, us in south Florida went from blistering heat to, well, less heat. How glorious.. not.   Therefore, since I can't snuggle myself in a cozy oversize sweater, cover my little head with cute hats or wear any of my boots without looking like a tool (because it is, after all, 79 degrees outside), I can however bring some winter to my little claws.

In comes L'oreal's "After Hours"...
Now, now I've personally never liked wearing blues or greens on my nails. I can appreciate them on other people and I do own several colors in those shades but for some reason I tend to like reds, pinks or nudes on my nails. Until this. Maybe it's because it's almost black, or because it really works with my coloring or maybe it's a the dream application, but I can't stop wearing this.

I've tried it with and without a base coat, and I have to say it actually works best without, but it does stain my nails when I don't prime first. It takes two coats till fully opaque but I do a thin first and a semi thick second, so it might take other up to 3  for those who prefer thin coats. It dries semi fast, and it wears well. I don't see chips until the 3rd day and I am not particularly soft on my hands (don't tell my grandmother!).

Enjoy the awk self nail shots.. :)

Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Essie, I've cheated..

After years of being an avid Essie buyer, I finally ventured off into the buying other brands. Not because my love affair with Essie had ended but because my last few purchases have been less than the expected quality, but we'll get into on a later post.  On this one I'll show you what I've picked up in the last couple (and by couple I mean three to five) weeks. Which aren't exactly, "fall/winter" shades but I live in miami, so heat and less hot are our only seasons. Any who, onto the polishes :)

From Revlon

1. 370 Smoldering. Really pretty color, green purple duo chrome with lots of silver shimmer, sadly it's   not a color I gravitate to usually but I love having in in my collection. I get about 4 days of chip free wear without a top coat but it is really sheer so expect to do at least 2 coats if you want the color that shows on the bottle.

2. 380 Elegant. Nude-y gray creme.. love! Really good wear (a trend with these Revlon polishes), but this one takes a bit longer to dry than the rest I've tried.

3. 440 Siren. Love this! Orange/Red creme, dries really fast and it's two coats till creamy, opaque goodness!

4. 640 Fearless. I can't help but to think of Essie's lollipop when I wear this! Which is great because Lollipop is definitely one of my go-to-all-year-round colors. A true vibrant red with warm orange undertones. No shimmer or glitter. It's more of a 'jelly' finish than a true opaque finish but none the less I love it. Same great wear.

5. 705 Grey Suede. This one is very similar to Elegant, except with slight gold/silver shimmer in it. It's a really great color but I don't finish myself as attracted to it as the rest, but it applies, dries and wear really well.

6. 917 Plum Seduction. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Warm purple/pink, but much more purple than pink, creme. Great wear, fast drying.

7. 925 Gold Coin. Pretty color, a true shimmery glittery gold, but alas it's a royal pain to get off so I've stayed away from it! Really good wear.

From Sinful Colors

1. 152 Cream Pink 
2. 313 Pink Forever
3. 323 Feeling Great
4. 944 Innocent 
5. 948 Last Chance 
6. 949 Nirvana  (not photographed, my apologies)
7. 955 Pull Over 
8. 957 Cross MyHeart 
9. 1103 Island Coral

From China Glaze 
1. 1027 Full Sprectrum. Love this! But if applied heavier handed it will peel right off as soon as it dries. 

From Milani 
1. 44 Tropical Fiesta  ( a picture will be up as soon as I manage to take a decent picture of this gorgeous color)

.. I know, really, really embarrassing but oh well a girl need some variety in her life!  I will try to do separate posts or nail of the day ( NOTD, as the cool kids call it) of these colors so you can see how they apply and how they look on the nails, as well as mini reviews on each one.


P.S. Sorry for the crap quality of the snaps but taking them with my iPhone just seemed easier than with a "proper" camera.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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DYI: Hair Mask

Happy Wednesday!

So I had been thinking about what my first post should be about but I could't decide, until my boyfriend ask me to do something (anything) to help his frizzy, dry hair. And the BOOM, it came to me, a hair mask. This is one I swear by, although I don't have frizzy or dry hair, it conditions my hair so well and makes it feel so smooth (and look so shiny!) and best of all it can be made from exactly what you have in your kitchen!

What you'll need

  1. Almond Oil (from Vitamin Shoppe)
  2. Sour Cream (Lol, I ran out but luckily I had this from a run to Wendy's. Don't judge me, haha!)
  3. One Egg 
  4. Mayonnaise
  5. Olive Oil 
And equal part of all the ingredients into a bowl and mix until the mixture its frothy (sweet J, I hate that word!) and it should look like this

Massage all of the mask into your scalp and let it sit for 20 minutes. Granted it will smell terrible and it won't feel very pleasant but it'll all be worth it when it's washed off and you're left with soft, shinny, moisturized hair.
      *Make sure you apply it shortly after mixing it because it will go bad quickly!
(Tip - I usually wear shower cap and blow dry it for a little extra hydration from the oils)

Prep time - About 5 minutes
Cost - Free (which we all love)

2 more till glorious friday,


Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh Yes

Hello WORLD! I have arrived.. no.
Hi there (if anyone ever reads this), I am here to give the Internet exactly what is doesn't need, another blog from a young twenty something about make up, fashion, food and just about every thing else. Hope you (anyone?) enjoys and finds this some what helpful. Okay, so this intro is far way too long and (hopefully) not annoying, now I must warn you; I write just like I speak so things might get messy.. wish me luck!