Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DYI: Hair Mask

Happy Wednesday!

So I had been thinking about what my first post should be about but I could't decide, until my boyfriend ask me to do something (anything) to help his frizzy, dry hair. And the BOOM, it came to me, a hair mask. This is one I swear by, although I don't have frizzy or dry hair, it conditions my hair so well and makes it feel so smooth (and look so shiny!) and best of all it can be made from exactly what you have in your kitchen!

What you'll need

  1. Almond Oil (from Vitamin Shoppe)
  2. Sour Cream (Lol, I ran out but luckily I had this from a run to Wendy's. Don't judge me, haha!)
  3. One Egg 
  4. Mayonnaise
  5. Olive Oil 
And equal part of all the ingredients into a bowl and mix until the mixture its frothy (sweet J, I hate that word!) and it should look like this

Massage all of the mask into your scalp and let it sit for 20 minutes. Granted it will smell terrible and it won't feel very pleasant but it'll all be worth it when it's washed off and you're left with soft, shinny, moisturized hair.
      *Make sure you apply it shortly after mixing it because it will go bad quickly!
(Tip - I usually wear shower cap and blow dry it for a little extra hydration from the oils)

Prep time - About 5 minutes
Cost - Free (which we all love)

2 more till glorious friday,


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