Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall? Is that you?

Whilst most of northern hemisphere experienced changing leaves into autumn and are now happily heading into winter, us in south Florida went from blistering heat to, well, less heat. How glorious.. not.   Therefore, since I can't snuggle myself in a cozy oversize sweater, cover my little head with cute hats or wear any of my boots without looking like a tool (because it is, after all, 79 degrees outside), I can however bring some winter to my little claws.

In comes L'oreal's "After Hours"...
Now, now I've personally never liked wearing blues or greens on my nails. I can appreciate them on other people and I do own several colors in those shades but for some reason I tend to like reds, pinks or nudes on my nails. Until this. Maybe it's because it's almost black, or because it really works with my coloring or maybe it's a the dream application, but I can't stop wearing this.

I've tried it with and without a base coat, and I have to say it actually works best without, but it does stain my nails when I don't prime first. It takes two coats till fully opaque but I do a thin first and a semi thick second, so it might take other up to 3  for those who prefer thin coats. It dries semi fast, and it wears well. I don't see chips until the 3rd day and I am not particularly soft on my hands (don't tell my grandmother!).

Enjoy the awk self nail shots.. :)

Happy Holidays!


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